I hear they're making a comeback...

November 11, 2008

Having never been a huge fan of the over used rose I decided to look for something different to use for the wedding. I've looked at hydrangeas and several other ones for the bridesmaids to carry and after lots of looking around I finally found the look I wanted. The look being full and almost rounded bouquets for an inexpensive cost. I also love ruffles and after finding a bouquet of carnations I was pleased and knew exactly what I was going to use for flowers, and it was able to be done for an affordable amount of money.

Carnations have this stigma of being cheap and associated with funerals, but turn of the century dandies wouldn't leave the house without a red or white carnation in the button hole of their jacket. Carnations are also a long lastig flower and won't die nearly as fast as other flowers. They also have very sweet meanings.
The color of carnation flowers conveys a certain meaning in the Victorian language of flowers. In general Carnations denote "a fascination with" or "a love for a woman". For each flower the meaning of carnation color is described below :-

Red Carnation colors say " I admire you" or "My heart aches for you". They indicates love, passion, and respect.

White bears the message of ardent love and a good luck gift to a woman. It signifies innocence, a sweet and lovely person, and pure love.

A pink carnation exclaims "I'll always remember you". Pink echoes thoughts of perfect happiness and thankfulness.

Purple suggests capriciousness.

A Carnation flower in a solid color is symbolic for the affirmative - yes.

A striped Carnation flower implies "No", a Refusal, or "Sorry I can't be with you", "Wish I could be with you".

Yellow exclaims rejection, disdain - "You have disappointed me".

Mauve reveals dreams of fantasy.

{note to self don't striped or yellow for the wedding}
Here are a few pics of centerpieces I like. I especially love the wreaths in white.

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  1. Wow...I woulda never thought it...but you're right. They're beautiful! Btw, what are your colors?