Favor idea # 1:

November 1, 2008

I saw a cookie favor on TheKnot.com and now I'm in love. Most of these pics were taked from Martha Stweart Wedding(who i am obsessed with). I've looked at a few places who could make them but if I think I wouldn't go insane I just might do them myself. This would be perfect considering I'm like the most sugar crazed person alive. [I'm waiting for the day when I fall into a diabetic coma]

These are just wonderful and you could customize them anyway you could think of. I think i would try a chocolate sugar cookie with the monogram stamped on...
{stamped cookies}

{sugar cookie cakes..yum}

{i love the shape and how simple the monogram is}

{love the swirls}

1 comment:

  1. Hi there!

    I can most definitely customize a design to your liking. I can do a clip or a comb---whichever you prefer. Have a look at www.gracesheahan.com for more ideas and possible designs. Do you have a particular palette in mind? Whatever it may be, I would love to create a piece for you!

    Take Care!