A Balloon Race Weekend Where We Saw Zero Balloons

October 20, 2022

 It occurred to me this morning that I have been in such a mental spin this month that not a single blog post has been posted for twenty days. 

Not on purposed, I promise. 

This past weekend we headed to my hometown of Vidalia, LA for the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race. On the docket was the new community pumpkin patch downtown, fireworks, Merry Markey, hopefully seeing a balloon, and eating out around town. 

I love these little people, but a cute photo of them posed as if they are normal functioning members of society and not wild little feral cats isn't possible. 

The feral cats were wrangled, and half fussed at to achieve this photo of them not smiling but instead making faces like the crazy people they are. 

It would actually be a lie to look back on photos from this time and have posed adorable children in matching outfits who didn't both destroy what they were wearing before we walked out of the house. 

I've honestly hit the "openly carries a wooden spoon" part of raising boys. 

This is our crew leaving Merry Market, mom and I not pictured. Elliot thought he was too cool with Jeremy's sunglasses on. 

I also got to run into a few high school friends and really enjoyed it. Quiet often I miss the simplicity of living in Vidalia, so hugging necks and catching up at events just does my heart good. 

This is up waiting on some really great PoBoys and not seeing a single hot air balloon. 

Saturday afternoon we tried again for balloons. 

We left an hour early to track the crews down. No luck. 

Checked every internet group we could find even though the local news paper was supposed to be putting up the updates. No luck. 

Sat on the River Walk with half the town of Vidalia waiting or the race that should have crossed over the river... again no luck. 

Turned out they took off from the Vidalia air port and only two went up, and those two went towards the lake. Thank you wind for a busted year. 

The upside of everything running so behind and awful was that Laura was able to make it into town after work. The boys got to play with their cousin and we all were able to go to dinner afterwards. 

Next year I'm taking off work on Friday to make sure we see the 7:30am race so if Saturday is a bust we at least got to see one nice lift off!