Brazil || Sorocaba

August 12, 2022

 Now that we are back in school, maybe I'll be back in the groove of a routine enough to hop on the blog regularly. 

Monday was a first full day in Sorocabo. At least I think this was Monday. This very well could have been Tuesday. In fact, this was probably Tuesday. 

We did so much, and on many of the visits we made it would not have been appropriate to take photos. 

This day is actually in reverse. We ended the day at the city center with the visitation teams walking around while the drama team preformed. 

In the morning we were asked to go to city hall to pray with the mayor. This actually happened after our visitation team had visitor a carpentry shop earlier that morning. 

Part of the team prayed with the mayor a while we were at city hall. 

Later that night was the anniversary celebration for Boas Novas Chruch. 

I'm also forgetting, we also spent some time in one of the favelas around Sorocaba that afternoon. I know I sound crazy when I tell you that so much happened that it all blurred together. I would start looking at photos and not know what day it happened on.