Brazil | Sorocaba & Boituva

July 25, 2022

 If you think I've been blog absent this month, I have. 

Shortly after putting up this month's Simply Earth post I ran off to New Orleans to beg for a passport and then board a plane after dropping the kids off and packing. 

Traveling to Sao Paulo was equally as interesting, our flight leaving Lafayette was delayed. We half made it to Dallas in time only to be stuck on the plane because the jet bridge wouldn't attach. We were just making it (part of our team had said they were waiting on our group) only to get to the gate just as it had been closed. 

24 hours in Dallas later - we finally boarded our flight and made it to Sorocaba a day late. 

Here's the view directly from our hotel window. We had time to drop off our bags before heading to our base church for lunch. 

I wish I had photos of the lunch we had a Boas Novas, but I seem to fluctuate between taking too many photos and being so present in the moment that no photos are taken at all. They served Feijoada, and it was probably my favorite meal of the week. 

We went back to the hotel with roughly an hour of nap available before Jeremy and I were being picked up by Sabrina and Gustavo so that Jeremy could preach in Boituva. That night, while I was running on one hour of sleep, was a great kick off to the week. Turns out Sabrina and Gustavo are both in youth ministry (like us) and dinner with Pastor Geraldinho and his family was like spending time with long time friends.

I've developed a whole new respect for the interpreters and pastors. By the end of the week I realized I turn into an ADHD child when trying to speak and have someone translate what I'm saying. (note to self: learn Portuguese) At times I would accidently listen to the wrong language by accident. 

The Farias had us all over for esfihas after church - where I ate way too much, decided I also needed a box of the chocolate they had, and had such a great time. 

I thought about adding another day to this post, but I'll wait until tomorrow. There is a lot, and it just becomes more and more. And if at any point you think "Dang Emily you look rough." Just keep in mind that 1) very little sleep and I like my sleep plus 2) the one day I wore makeup Deanne had me laughing so hard at the mall that I cried it off my face. So no more makeup.