That Which Has Turned Into an Elliot Update

March 24, 2022

 This is quite an Elliot heavy post, but alas, that is who is around for photo taking these days. 

Harry poses, at times, but not as often. He also doesn't kiss his mama anymore. Somewhere in his head he determined that makes you married so I have to hold him down to kiss his cheeks.

Tuesday we were lucky ducks enough to get a weather day that ended in the weather skipping over us. We had some light flickering and a tough storm for a moment, but nothing that required we hunker down. 

The boys and I (let's be honest no one helped me) started the day making beds, playing with Mario toys, and living our best pretend "mama doesn't work" life. 

This past Sunday, while the boys were playing outside, we had a little outdoor snack dinner. While my allergies don't agree with this statement, Spring just makes for such nice weather. Especially the crisp days (and honestly I love the crisp Fall days just as much.) 

You're about to sense a theme here, but we've been outside a lot. 

Longer days. Nice weather. 

Little Louisiana children have to soak this up before the blistering heat of July - September take hold and run us back indoors. 

As you glance around our yard at the copious amounts of tropical vegetation - say a prayer for me. I can't stand a jungle because it attracts creatures. We've got tiny little snake creatures that need to be expelled from the earth. 

I'd like to get my garden going again, but much of this needs to be removed (for space) as well as for my sanity of not finding snakes in-between my carrots. 

Maybe I'll do a garden plans post soon. There's such a long to do list on this house so actual house items always take precedence over my "want to" projects. 

For instance, before gardening takes place the following need to be completed... shutters for the front windows, wrap the iron poles to make them look cedar, German smear the front steps. 

I'd also like to add a bunch of terra cotta pots to those steps and fill them with seasonal flowers I can cut and bring indoors. None of that will likely happen until much later, as I've missed this growing season for starting seeds out front.