Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box || February

February 1, 2022

 This month's Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box is live today and it's all things skin care! 

This month I also received a Big Bonus Box - let's dig in to what all is included! 

Some recipes call for items that your monthly box doesn't include... that's where the Big Bonus Box comes in. It contains Beeswax and 3 types of carrier oils.

You'll also get several bottles, roll-on and bottles for mixing your own blends. 

Now onto this month's box! 

I'll show y'all the basics today, but check out Instagram and I'll be making the recipes throughout the month. 

This month included three single oils and one blend. 

Clear Skin: improves skin appearance
Palmarosa: calms, skincare, supports rest, soothes
Peru Balsam: uplifts, skincare, warms
Lavender (Bulgarian): skincare, supports immunity

Ever since Simply Earth started hinting at the Clear Skin oil for this month, I've been pumped. Skincare might be one of my bigger obsessions - as a woman in her mid thirties who developed acne after having kids. 

This month you'll get recipes to make a blemish roll-on, jelly face mask, bi-phasal facial cleanser, shower gel, body polish, and a Valentine's inspired diffuser blend. 

The extras included are: 

Vegetable Glycerin
Xanthan Gum
Body Wash Base

I say these things frequently, but I really love that Simply Earth gives me the chance to try oils I normally wouldn't think of buying and make products I would never try on my own. 

Body wash? Never. 

But this month, I'm making it. 

How about these two helpers? They were both incredibly interested in what I was taking photos of. 

A few things before I wrap this up - 

Next month's box will contain the Clean & Fresh, Tea Tree, Tangerine. Can y'all guess the theme? 

This month's 13% to end human trafficking is going to the organization Wipe Every Tear, they help combat human trafficking by offering opportunities and means to leave or escape trafficking, providing safe homes for survivors where they can receive care, and quality education so that survivors can make a living and follow their dreams. 

Also - - here are a few tips for what you can do with your box every month! 

1. Add items to your box to get free shipping. 
2. Exchange oils. 
3. Gift a month to a friend. 
4. Get 50% off your next box by sharing your unique voucher code with friends, they'll also get $10 off their first 5 months -  you'll get 50% off for every friend that subscribes! 

As always head over to Simply Earth to order your FEBRUARY box and use the code LABRIDEFREE to get a $40 giftcard/credit towards your next order when you get your Bonus Box!