Top Non-Social Socializing Ideas for Introverts

September 17, 2021

Not everyone has missed socializing over the past year. In fact, for some of us, it’s been bliss. 

Introverted types or those still anxious about the effects of the virus might find socializing in person a little overwhelming. And that’s perfectly okay. However, this is why if the party scene isn’t your style, we’re sharing six non-social socializing ideas that are perfect for introverts. 


While you’ll still have to leave the house for this one, volunteering is a great middle-ground activity. You have the chance to helps those less fortunate or more vulnerable while also meeting like-minded people. After the work is done, volunteer groups often offer social activities as well, but these are not compulsory. That means you can enjoy a little fresh air and company, then leave when you want to. 

Board games night

Introverts don’t have to be or want to be at home alone all the time. A board games night is the perfect way to hang out with friends, have some fun, and be in bed by 10. Whether or not you’re competitive doesn’t really matter; there’s a lot of fun to be had when pizza and games are involved. 

Afternoon tea

If you absolutely loved Bridgerton on Netflix and now find yourself enjoying only the finer things in life, why not get out for afternoon tea? With tea, cakes, and tiny sandwiches, you can re-connect with your best friends without the need for dancing or loud atmospheres. 

Alternatively, if you really prefer to be a homebody, why not try an afternoon tea delivery service? Then, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy a quintessentially British day – and could even put Pride and Prejudice on in the background. 

Online gaming

Those tired of playing video games could go old school with a few online games like Solitaire or Bingo. This bingo sites reviewer will help you find a reputable place to get started. A lot of bingo sites have different themes, too, so you’ll likely find a game that’s suited to your interests in no time. 

Book club 

Whether you’ve always been a bookworm or have started reading more over the pandemic, a book club is a great place to socialize, discuss topics in-depth and find some new book recommendations. You could set up and host your own book club – online or offline – or find an existing group in your area. 

Netflix party

There’s nothing worse than getting together to watch a film, only for everyone to talk over it. So why get together at all? A Netflix party is the perfect way to enjoy films with all your friends without interruptions. Once everyone is set up, you’ll be able to watch the film together in real-time while chatting via a chatbox. You can join in the conversation as little or as much as you’d like. 

Being introverted doesn’t mean being lonely. Some people just prefer their own company or are selective with who they choose to hang out with. There are plenty of socializing opportunities available to even the shiest of people.