A Guide to Aging Gracefully

June 14, 2021

The realization that you are not as young as you once were can be a devastating one. You might have recently discovered your first few grey hairs, for instance, or lines around your eyes that won’t go away no matter how much sleep you have got the night before. Perhaps you find yourself aching more than usual. This horror may send you into a panic and booking Botox treatments and a facelift consultation. However, there are ways in which you can age gracefully and naturally and still look great. 

Haircut and color

Grey hair no longer holds the same stigma of being for elderly people who are ‘past it’. There are now many stunning older women who have embraced their silvery locks; indeed, many younger people are choosing to dye their hair grey as well. Furthermore, switching up your hairstyle to suit your face can dramatically upgrade your appearance, especially if you are still wearing the same hairstyle you had in your twenties. Whether you decide to let your hair go grey naturally or feel more confident in dying your hair, a good hairdresser will work with you to create a cut and color that will make you look and feel at your very best. 

Dental care

Taking good care of your teeth is important at any age, but as your teeth sustain more wear and tear over time, it is important that you take extra special care as you grow older. Brush using fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your enamel and take care not to overbrush, as this can lead to receding gums. Visit your dentist and hygienist on a regular basis for a check-up and deep clean. You may even decide to have cosmetic dental treatment to improve your smile, such as tooth whitening treatments or veneers. Visit bafdentistry.com for more information on dental treatments.


As you age, changes in the texture of your skin and your overall coloring can mean that the makeup looks that made you look and feel beautiful in your twenties and thirties are now too harsh on you in your forties, fifties, and beyond. Glitter eyeshadow, for instance, can settle in wrinkles and therefore emphasize that which you would rather avoid. Book a makeup masterclass, or visit a makeup counter in your favorite department store to learn the products and techniques that will best show off your features and make you feel beautiful and confident, whatever your age. 


Regular exercise is important at any age to ensure that you maintain a high level of fitness.
However, as you grow older, you might like to rethink your workout routine to incorporate low-intensity exercises that are gentler on aging joints. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can get as although it provides you with a full-body workout, the water cushions your joints, reducing the risk of injuries. Likewise, low-intensity workouts like Pilates and yoga help to increase your balance and flexibility while improving your strength and muscle tone.