A Life Update, Because I'm an Awful Blogger These days

December 4, 2020

One of the main reasons I enjoy writing for Birmingham Mom Collective, and Lafayette Mom (in the past) is working the events. It is like a little Junior League of sorts but all Mama Bloggers. 

We recently had a Christmas event at the drive-in theater here in Leeds and it was a blast. Granted Elliot was out of sorts (found out when I got to the van to watch the movie) but checking in cars was a blast. I've made so many life long friends doing this in Lafayette and anticipate the same here in Birmingham. 

There tree, a real tree, has been put up and decorated. 

This was just after getting the lights on and debating on more lights... I ended up not adding more. Mama ain't got time for all that nonsense. 

Our tree is a work in progress. Several years ago I threw away all of our ornaments, it wasn't the style I wanted... it was a style I picked out 10 years ago and was outdated. So now I've got red balls, I need to add some blue, salt dough ornaments, and every year we each pick out a new ornament at Hobby Lobby. Whatever everyone loves that year. I pick traditional... Harrison always picks some action figure... and Elliot 🤦‍♀️ he picked out two trucks and refused to let the second one go. So Jeremy "picked" a truck. 

Jeremy's picks tend to be whatever the youngest child won't let go of. 

On really special event years I buy an ornament that is personalized. Like new babies, marriage, buying houses, and last year was moving. 

But to get to the bottom of my tree lights situation...

I felt like I had the world's worst cold for three days after wrapping the lights by myself. (Jeremy usually helps me) I hugged that tree for 45 minutes and should have immediately showered, because that pine got the best of my awful allergies. 

Which leads me to now contemplating an flocked artificial tree next year. 


Nothing to see below except a few babies pretending to squirt stuff all over Lowe's and making poot sounds as they went. 

Changing topics again... which I'm good at. 

I've got to get back to legit meal prep for work and keeping up with My Fitness Pal. I was following Faster Way to Fat Loss (mostly, I bought the pregnancy program when I was expecting Elliot) and had great results after having Elliot. But after moving last year I have just continued to derail and now half of my pants don't fit. 

But I did it this week. I've logged into MFP twice and had my lunches and everything ready to go... with healthy things. I wasn't eating so much as super unhealthy for meals before, but snacking gets me when I'm like this. Under stress I find myself snacking on things I don't need or even really want. 

Last but not least, the busy baby. 

Y'all one day I'll post his 2nd birthday, but until then... 

He's all over the place, obsessed with cars, and refuses to take his shoes off because he is afraid he will miss a chance to escape outside. 

This particular photo is him playing/destroying our Little People Nativity that our friend Jackie bought Harrison on his 1st Christmas. It no longer lights up or plays music, but the boys still love it and so do I. 

Somehow, SOMEHOW, we've managed to keep all the pieces. Every year I fight to find the missing characters and some weeks Joseph is an absent father. One year Jesus was missing in action. But they always reappear when it's time to pack up the decorations and then out the come the next Christmas.