Hair cuts, Cookie Milk, & Wrapping Presents

December 20, 2019

The general hustle of Christmas season and sicknesses has kept me from really blogging for about two weeks now. Let's make up for that. 

First off, I'm finally done wrapping presents. I really love something simple and country classic. Red paper, twine, and brown paper tags are my favorite. Really any simple paper with twine and those tags makes me happy.

Harrison the other night got concerned that Daddy didn't have any gifts under the tree, so I had to fill him in that we hadn't wrapped them yet. So we wrapped away together and he even asked to write Jeremy's name. He didn't want help, it doesn't say Daddy either,  but there's a lot of love that went into writing that out.

If you haven't had the Sugar Cookie Milk form Target, remedy this and get yourself a carton. I might forsake my beloved Southern Comfort Eggnog for this from here on out. (for real though, the nonalcoholic Southern Comfort Eggnog is the best brand I've ever bought)

Two things. 

1. This is why I rarely go for a staged picture. Kids do better with natural non-posed photos. 

2. I think we finally found a hair cut place for Harrison. Cookie Cutter Kids in Hoover is incredible, such kid friendly atmosphere and they actually gave him a little boy hair cut that was cute. 

Little Bit can finally go in all directions in his walker. No big for most, but mine are some late dang walkers. Maybe this is a step in the right direction, pun intended. 

Last and definitely least. We went on a field trip to an Alabama Women's Basketball game. It was a great time, and luckily the first player announced was from Lafayette. I can support that. Otherwise... the colors were a tad painful. (lol)
I've seriously become that Louisiana meme that is floating around: 

Me in Louisiana: I can't stand this dump. 

Me outside of Louisiana: Yes we eat red beans and rice every Monday. What do you mean you've never heard of crawfish dip? Why yes, I can eat my weight in any and all shrimp products. Mais I've always used these Cajun terms, what are you talking about you cooyon, you? 

Not gonna lie, I kinda want to make etouffee Saturday.