January 11, 2019

I've essentially become the queen of being behind. 

Blog behind. 

To-do list behind. 

Grocery behind. 

So forgive me when I'm posting about what we've been up to, or Elliot's 2 month photos, when he's about 15. It'll get there one day. 

At the end of Christmas break we took family photos... or attempted to. Harrison has no chill. 

It's become apparent that this child doesn't want to be held. He got irritated in church because he was awake and in the carrier. Plopped him on the floor and he smiled. Took his chunky self back into church and left him on the floor for the rest of service. It was basically a "you do you butterball" moment. 

In other news. If you haven't gotten a LaVie and you pump you need to locate one asap. I have consistently been two days ahead of what I needed for the week in bottles. 

With Harrison I was pumping 3 times to get 2 bottles and had zero extra. 

The barely documented butterball himself. In the only place I get 1) get consistent light no matter what time of day and 2) have the time to take his picture. In the past two weeks he's gained about 4 chins and a few more rolls. We've hit the "be sure to clean between the jelly rolls" stage of bathing.

Now that I'm looking back on this photo I'm noticing two things.

1. Harrison is really sweet with Elliot. I was shock, but not shocked. He's a naturally kind child, but he constantly pets and kisses his brother.

2. Potty training is for the birds. We were making leeway during the break and now that we are back at it he's regressed. He has to be naked or in underwear, and still has accidents in them, to use the potty. Having to send him out and about in a Pull Up has really slowed the process down. And with his stubborn attitude he isn't going to just sit, if it isn't his idea he is having a cow about it.

Hopefully this weekend I can get this poor second child's Christmas ornament made and his 2 month photos done... otherwise I should just cap it and start planning to get his graduation photos so those are done in time.