My Go-To Lactation Smoothie

December 14, 2018

If you recall the Green Monster of something like 2011, this is it's cousin.

I've been drinking this smoothie for 6 weeks and I swear to you it's a great way to get in all my galactagogues without having to think about it too much.

I also use this as my chance to up my water intake. I shoot for 100 oz a day but sometimes it's a bit struggle... so every cube counts. Ideally I like to add in about a cup of water worth of ice cubes so that puts the smoothie at 16 oz of liquid towards my total for the day.

Now as far as protein powders go, I've been using two. One fits more in line with Paleo and the other just has more in it I like. But I'll break down both.

Julian Bakery Paleo Thin Double Chocolate - This one has a super strong chocolate flavor but it's also really sweet from the stevia. I've been using this one for about 3 years. Outside of breastfeeding I like to do this powder with cashew milk, almond butter, 1/2 banana, and tons of ice. It's pricey though and runs about $49 online. I've tried the Paleo Beef Protein as well as the Primal Whey one and I definitely prefer the Beef. It doesn't taste like meat at all by the way. It's just high protein and low carb. I'd rather control my carbs with what goes into the smoothie.

Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant Based Protein Chocolate - Really this is going to be my go-to for every now! I tried it a few times at Whole Foods and fell in love. It contains BCAAs for post workout recovery, is high in antioxidants, and has a 2 billion CFU probiotic blend. Plus it's only $30 for a 30 day supply. I only use one scoop by the way, the serving size is either one or two. That puts this at 85 calories and 4 carbs per scoop. The one scoop per shake allows for 38 scoops per container.

I won't bother breaking down how spinach, oatmeal, flax, and almond butter are great for your supply. If you've been looking things up you already know that. Now this doesn't contain fenugreek or brewer's yeast. I personally would prefer to take fenugreek in pill form when needed and only use brewer's yeast to cook. It's extremely bitter.

That's as far as my postpartum nursing brain can think at the moment about this shake, but if you have questions drop them in the comments and I'll answer them! If a milk supply post sound like something y'all would like to read let me know and I'll get one together. I've spent many a night searching articles and then tweaking what I do to get the supply I need.