What's in My Labor Bag

October 17, 2018

I have a few essential items in my hospital bag this round, but what I'm really gearing up for is what's in my labor bag.

So here are a few essentials to get me through the tough labor times ahead... whenever on earth that goes down!

1. Yoga Ball

Also called a birthing ball. It helps to open your hips and doing hip circles and bouncing can help get baby in place. It's really the only comfortable place to even sit at this point. During my last labor I spent most of the day on my ball.

2. Labor Essential Oil Blend

I bought the Hosie blend that is already mixed with oil so I don't have to mess with that during labor. It's said to help with stimulating contractions and such. I plan to use it for massage, as well as rubbing on my stomach and ankles.

3. Rebozo Scarf

Or the closest thing I own to one. This will be a great way for Jeremy to use counter pressure on my hips without wearing himself out. Not to mention giggling your stomach and body with it is so relaxing.

4. Tennis Balls

I'd pay someone to massage me with these. They were an absolute lifesaver during my lovely back labor with Harrison.

5. Spray Bottle of Water with Lavender and Frankincense

Lavender is calming and Frankincense helps with focus, the combo mixed with cool water will hopefully help out with how hot I tend to get. As well as just the aromatherapy side of being relaxing.

6. Hot/Cold Pack

I doubt I'll want or use the cold option with this, but it's great for the pain I've had at night so far. Plus I think this will take the place of a warm sock of rice on my eyes. Anything to calm my nerves and help with labor pain.

7. Notes from the Comfort Measures Class as well as my Ina May Gaskin Guide to Childbirth

I've highlighted half to death in an attempt to not forget what sounds like great ideas for comfort measures during labor. Especially since it's up to Jeremy to really guide and suggest, especially if I'm in so much pain that I can't think. That actually happened last time when my epidural wore off while we were trying to turn Harrison's head... it felt like my hips were being pulled out of my body. Funny enough, tonight he wants to go over everything so he has a mini refresher class in what I want and don't want. But really the man is a stellar doula, I should charge and loan him out.

Also, my camera and a fully charged battery! I'm going to be that weirdo though that makes her husband shoot in manual mode and has to fix the settings while I'm being sewn up... I'm not a control freak at all.