My Month at Pure Barre

September 5, 2018

This summer I won a free month at the Pure Barre studio in Lafayette, so I thought I'd recap it and give you my take on it.

Especially as a pregnant lady.

(Maternity Compression Leggings from Old Navy)

I actually ended my 2nd trimester during this time and started venturing into the 3rd to give you an idea about how I was doing physically.

Pure Barre does a section of floor core work, this had to be majorly modified to complete. Only because of the stage of pregnancy I am in. Don't let your belly cone ladies... it just means issues postpartum. That mainly meant not stretching my legs in certain ways that caused coning, minimum twisting, and no crunches. Don't worry too much about knowing your mods ahead of time, every instructor I had was insanely helpful and monitored me throughout the class.

I absolutely loved that is was low intensity and yet I'd be sore the next day. This was great for pregnancy since I didn't have to worry about getting out of breath. Which might I add is so easy to do when you're toting a watermelon for a belly around.

The absolute best part was the stretching, oh my word they did stretching between each segment of the exercise and then at the end. The last bit of stretching with the lights off was like the savasana part of yoga. So relaxing.

Plus, we had our anatomy scan during this workout stint. The baby was all out of place and we couldn't get a good view. I went to my first Pure Barre class and that little sucker turned into perfect position to see what we needed when we redid the scan.

I'd recommend it for pregnancy with modifications just from the aspect of it being so opening to the pelvic area and encourage the baby into place.

Alright what else do I want to add? I loved it really.

Oh, the price.

It's expensive.

This isn't something I could afford to do, if I'm being honest. Which means I'm just not their demographic. It's a great workout and I absolutely loved it. It's just out of my price range. But that is common for these boutique workouts. The regular figure-it-out-yourself gym is much cheaper for that reason, you have to figure it out yourself.

There's one cheaper option, they have Pure Barre OnDemand on the website for 1/3 of the price. I'm seriously considering getting it eventually.

Anyway, if you have any questions about it leave a comment and I'd be glad to update and answer it in the post.