3rd Trimester Freak Outs & Life Lately

August 30, 2018

The third trimester is in full swing.

1. I haven't had the energy to workout after work since... well... work started back up.

2. I just feel it.

3. Anxiety is kicking in. I HATE needles, call it a phobia, call me a titty baby. Whatever. It's hell. The anticipation of the IV is starting to get me worked up. I mentioned it to my OB this week and if nothing gets in the way then I can have a hep-lock instead of starting with a true IV. When I had the IV with Harry the nurses were doing a shift change (and weren't excited to be at work) so the empathy levels were down. They were trying to give me magnesium, that I wasn't supposed to have. So I was ticking them off... but I was right in the end. It was a paperwork mistake. So by the time the IV came into play they were done with me and my anxiety about giving birth for the first time. I sobbed like I have not sobbed in years. It was painful and sheer torture.

Hence begging for a hep-lock. Unless you've been in labor you aren't going to understand this, but a labor IV is so different from a surgery IV. Jeremy would get his IV for surgery, go to sleep, wake up, no more IV. With labor you get an IV, are expected to labor and move around. Then grip the bars when you push, and let me tell you that you can feel the needle moving when your muscles move. Now it's time to take the baby to your room and breastfeed while you feel restricted with this awful IV. Nope. All the NOPES.  I'd rather not have tubing attached to me while I'm trying to labor and nurse a baby.

Which, might I add... I had a dream last night about the new baby not latching. I must have breastfeeding on the brain. No clue what gender the baby was in my dream, all white clothing, no name. It kind of looked like Harrison. Or it could have been a generic baby. Who on earth knows. I am just not one to dream and answer my own life questions.

Now on to a more interesting subject...

This one has really gotten into pretend play lately. With an increase in the words he can say (thanks speech) he is a chatter box all evening. The photo above was him "sleeping" after a bath the other night. 

This whole week though we have been playing PJ Masks, against our will. As soon as everyone gets in the door Harrison starts handing out costumes and insists we MUST keep our masks on. He also stops calling us Mama and Daddy and we turn into Cat Boy and Owlette. Staying in character is a must with this game. 

Nothing special here... he just took a photo with me while actually looking at the camera and smiling.

This was recommended to me for the leg cramp issue. True story, it works. As long as I'm not slightly dehydrated this stuff (I drink a cup at night) this has been keeping the 5am calf cramps at bay. 

Oh and this podcast... really good. I love this sort of thing and the Clinton family/admin/everything is interesting. Heck politicians in general seem interesting with all the back deals and odd stuff they do. Either way I was in middle school when this scandal happened so it's interesting to hear this point of view... and not just my science teacher who ranted about it all through class.