Weeks 24 & 25 Baby Update

July 19, 2018

If my boobs were smaller I wouldn't look quite so large and in charge... but dang the pregnancy boobs.

Yesterday at the gym, 25 weeks.

24/25 Week Pregnancy Update

Size: Baby B is the size of a loaf of bread. 

Due Date: November 2 (measured for Nov 6 at the ultrasound, but they aren't changing it). I'm betting I have the baby in October. 

Heartbeat: At my ultrasound appointment it was about 122 and then at the OB the next week it was back to 166. Also known as, you can't predict gender with my children. 

Symptoms: Indigestion is still bad but manageable. I'm taking Zantac and Prilosec and it really keeps it in check. I also have to watch what I eat, anything sugary makes my indigestion bad. 

Currently Missing: I'd love some Bluebell ice cream or a big piece of chocolate cake. I'm making my favorite chocolate cake for Jeremy's birthday, which is conveniently after my glucose test, and plan on just suffering for the cause.

Cravings and Favorite Foods: I got a recipe for Alabama White BBQ Sauce this week and have slathered it on everything that holds still. I'll post my current favorite salad recipe on Friday!

Sleep: Good, when I get up to go to the bathroom it wakes the baby up. So all the kicking keeps me up for a bit longer. Mom sent Jeremy the My Pillow for his birthday and I got one too... that sucker is comfortable. We also ordered a Sensorpedic Sensor Cool Gel Mattress Topper on sale this week and I can't wait to put it on the bed. Our mattress is at a point of either needing to be replaced or do something like this. This topper should extend the life of it and help up both sleep better.

Food Aversions: 
Nothing really. Toddler food doesn't smell good. Sweets make me sick but they aren't an aversion.

Exercise: We were out of town for literally 15 days visiting family, so workouts weren't happening. Now that we are back I'm combining the Faster Way to Fat Loss Fit Pregnancy workouts with the free month of Pure Barre I won. Cardio makes me want to die, half because I'm so out of breath and half because it's uncomfortable.

Reading/Baby Related Classes and Prep:
Mama Natural Week by Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth
Mom's On Call 0-6 Month

I'm now flipping through two Bradly Method books, Husband Coached Childbirth and Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. Any extra comfort and position tips for labor are more than welcome.

Weight: 15 lbs total before the July appointment. I freaked out for a second, but it's within range on the weight gain chart for this point in time. My stomach is out there big time, but my boobs are the problem. I've gone up bra sizes 3 times now.

Movement: All the time. Jeremy is finally feeling it this week.

Maternity Clothing: Yes. I'm loving my non maternity swing dresses from Old Navy that I talked about here. The only issue has been maternity workout clothing. I can't very well wear Jeremy's shirts to Pure Barre like I can at Planet Fitness.

Gender Guess: I've got nothing. Maybe girl because I'm carrying differently, but that means nothing. I might be carrying the same but my boobs have hit the floor and are making my stomach look higher lol! Jeremy and my Mom both think girl though. I think they just want a girl.

Here's a side by side from 25 weeks with Harrison and this baby. I feel like I was lower with him, but my boobs are insane with this one.