Friday Five

April 20, 2018

I literally up with that N'SYNC Friday night song stuck in my head. 

Let's get this party started.

[O N E]

I'm having more and more days where the indigestion doesn't nearly cripple me. HIGH FIVE! The downside is I keep seeing people posting about having their babies today... I want to have my baby and get rid of pregnancy symptoms. I'll love the baby dearly, but I got really excited that the moment Harrison evacuated I immediately felt human again. It was instant reflux relief. Come on November!

[T W O]

I don't know how this information hasn't been delivered to me before now, but A-Bears in New Iberia has the best burger and fries I've had since Fish Fry in Vidalia. I told Jeremy I wanted to get a hamburger again today. He doesn't think I'm serious. I'm serious. Meal plan for next week... all A-Bears burgers.

You Vidalia people know what I'm talking about, Fish Fry had the best burgers... this place actually lives up to Fish Fry. Mom, I'm taking you next time you're here.

[T H R E E]

We have a second house showing today, I'm so so so so so praying these people buy. Mainly because I don't want to be big pregnant when we sell or in the newborn stage either. That would be something less than exciting. They're coming back to discuss the living area. Y'all out living area is strange and I really feel like I need to be there and explain why the house is laid out that way. Would that be weird?

I adore our house, really I do. I'd take it with me elsewhere even. But, the odd thing about the living area is that in the original house design what we are using as an office/toy area was intended to be the kitchen. The space across from that would have been the dining area. Which means our kitchen that was built on is massive... and the pantry is in the hall by the living room. Strange, but an incredible amount of room. I might cry when I leave the kitchen and living room pantry.

[F O U R]

Grande Lash serum... it works. I need to take an after photo but it has done wonders for my lashes. I got mine from Influenster to test and I might be buying more.

[F I V E]

Red Stick Moms Blog Bloom event is tomorrow and I'm getting to hang with my bestie!! Yay for girl time.