Friday Five

December 22, 2017

Could it be y'all? The first day of Christmas break?

I feel like I've been waiting on this moment since August.

Not really... but really.

This week's favorites might exceed 5 and turn more into 500, but I'll spare you by not listing every single swag bag item I got at the Lafayette Moms Blog Christmas Party in one post.


If I've said it once, I've said it every day this year. The toddler stage is my favorite. I love all the imaginary play.

This past Sunday his teacher gave him a small Duplo set, the child played in silence for 30 minutes.

I'll be collecting and adding those to the travel toy bag.


3rd graders in Louisiana have an entire unit about Acadian culture... how lucky for kids here. This week our wonderful Social Living teachers organized a Cajun Christmas Party and had locals play the accordion and sing songs in French, as well as a former teacher reading the Cajun Night Before Christmas. A really adorable older couple even came to sing and play to harmonica.

The day before all that goodness though, the kids got to hear a local group - The Babbineaux Sisters - play and sing Christmas songs in French and English.

Hashtag... you'd never find that in North Louisiana.


We had our team dinner this week for Lafayette Moms Blog at Saint Street Inn in Lafayette. I want to say just go because the food is amazing and the atmosphere is great. But even more so I want to say this, if you're from Vidalia you need to go and support one of our own. As it turns out the chef there is Jared Harner, a VHS graduate and a friend from High School of mine. Having known Jared when we were kids I never would have thought of him as someone that could cook, but y'all this was on par with food I've had by high end chefs.

The man is creative and can match some flavors.

So if you're ever in town you definitely need to go there and support one of our Vidalian own.

Scotch Eggs are my love language. I needed a bowl of those pickles though.

I'm taking the hubby on a day date here over the break. I need more of those pickles.

The whole silly group of contributors!


I've been a firm believer that one can not beat the amazingness that is the awfully unhealthy Pioneer Woman Mercantile Cowgirl Coffee... but this y'all.

It made healthy coffee taste unhealthy.

Let it be known I'm stocking up on the Cashew Milk Latte at Clean Juice next time I'm in Lafayette.

That lovely latte and the Chocolate Hazelnut Bar from Primal Kitchen was my detox breakfast after a hard partying food night.


It's no secret around here that my absolute favorite way to eat is some combo of Paleo/Primal/Keto. I'm a long time lover of all things Mark Sisson, heck a few weeks ago I posted about how much I loved his new book. Well y'all, heaven opened up and dropped a huge box of Primal Kitchen dressings and mayo into my lap at the #LAFMBTeamRetreat Christmas Party Wednesday night. 

I couldn't have won a more perfect gift... and I rarely win anything. 

Except that one time in the worst White Elephant on earth I walked away with a six pack of Coke and I don't even drink Coke. 

This is not the equivalent to a Coke win. It's more of the Oprah gave me a car win level. 

Now tell me, what's everyone's Christmas plans?