Friday Five

November 3, 2017

This has been one of those weeks that needs a weekend, although I'm afraid I say that every week and live for Saturday. Anyone else?


It's that most magical time of year when you realize it's high time to do some serious cleaning again. I've currently got my baseboards laid out in my planner by room category for the next month or so. I'm a soapy water, Magic Eraser, and toothbrush kinda gal. If something works better, let me know. 


I've really had a lot of run with Lafayette Moms Blog is the month since it launched. 
Started out at the month at Tinsel & Treasure, got to meet some great ladies and have fun for a hour or two. Then we had Boo at the Zoo last weekend, got to see some of the same ladies and chat. I mainly love it because for the first time in 9 years I am not the weirdo with the blog. There are other writers, people to bounce ideas off of, other people who blow up social media all the time. It's lovely. 


No one can accuse Harrison of being dull or unimaginative. Halloween was a perfect example of this toddler acting silly. He decided to take my cat ears and spent a good chunk of time before Trick-R-Treating started just crawling around the circle while we all stood outside and talked... there was meowing involved. 

Notice the already chocolate stained lips? He wasn't missing a minute of that candy. 


Who doesn't love a good side by side photo. This is all of our Halloween photos together over the course of his little life, with his mama (Te-Te) wearing that same pumpkin monogrammed shirt and cat ears. 


I've decided I'm not that impressed with the It Cosmetics regular concealer, maybe it's because QVC didn't give me the option to buy a different shade from my CC Cream. Either way I don't think it's super special as far as coverage or the ability to not crease goes. I still love my Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. Their CC is still life, and next order I'll be moving back over to the beloved illuminating version. However next up on my list of product to try from them is their Bye Bye Pores. I previously bought the touted to be super amazing primer from The Ordinary and don't think it's any better than my pink pump jar of Elf Primer