31 Days - Earliest Memory

October 4, 2017

I love today's topic just because this is basically the first time I recall thinking my mother was insane.

I was sitting in a chair in the kitchen, right at the end of the dining table facing towards the living room.

She was pregnancy with my sister Laura, not hugely pregnant, but far enough along that you'd chat with your 5 year old about the baby.

I could have been four though, it was either the end of '90 or early '91.

I very clearly remember Mom standing in from of me and asking me, "What do you think the baby is Emily? Is is a boy? A girl? A puppy?"

This is where I can't remember my answer, but I very clearly remember thinking, "No Mom, it's not a puppy, who on earth is pregnant with puppies."

But imagine this more along the lines of an attitude that would say, "No woman!"

That's the feeling behind the thought I was having.

She didn't have a puppy by the way.

I did get a puppy that year though, and a massively overgrown "newborn" with what appeared to be a black toupee.

** I do a few earlier memories than this, but none were quite as well developed. Mostly pieces of events and people before the "Mama's having a puppy" question.