Life Lately

August 10, 2016

Where do I even begin? 

Blogger rut much?

I think this is all in part to my lovely sickness and the fact that my cake did not get baked. All the sad faces people, every single one of them. 

I've gotta figure out what to do with my basil plant, especially since Jeremy is digging up the lack of garden I've got going on. I was thinking pesto, but in my more strict paleo times I don't exactly want to cheese in it. 

My next thought was to puree it with a bit of water and freeze it into cubes. Anyone have any luck with this?

Have I talked about the car situation here? 

I know I ranted on Snapchat like I was getting paid to do it. 

Anyway, some junkie thugs carrying guns stole our truck and it was recovered when they were driving through Main St. and somehow (unknown to me) got themselves into a police chase with it. Dear friends this is only after the lovely thugs stole our car seat, a pair of RayBan's, the garage door opener, some other crap I'm sure... and left other peoples belongings in there. 

I'm just dying to know how in the course of 4 hours, max, they managed to burn an half of tank of gas. 

Am I being nit picky here? 

Three of the dear, dear band of thugs are in jail...  the 3rd is foot lose and fancy free. And while my husband, to quote him, "would like them to be so saved it hurts." I on the other hand would like to personally go to the jail and do other things that would hurt. Not exactly a good response, but I'm working on it. 

Once I'm done driving my Dad's truck while Jeremy's is in the... well it was finally released from police custody and is now being appraised (damage for days)... the man has my Focus. I'm basically dangerous driving a large vehicle and will happily take back my little car once this whole circus is behind us. 

Lord help everyone if I figure out what these people look like. 

That baby, or toddler, right there. He's a mess. 

Harrison is on the verge of 18 months, finally quit nursing against his will (I'll post on that later), and he thinks he is the funniest kid on earth. The only thing that will cause him to sit still is the crib and Sesame Street. Play a SS song on your phone and he will love you forever. 

Or feed him dessert, he basically will pledge his love to anyone with ice cream. 

Overall this is just a fun age, and I still stand by my comments that I'd prefer to birth a one year old and skip the newborn stage. 

In the land of "obsessed with Glam Life Guru" and YouTube videos, I've discovered the holy grail of primers... Milk of Magnesia. 

If you aren't using it you're clearly having to reapply your makeup. 

Now for the sick lady recap to end this whole deal, the above photo was taken when I had a fever of 104.3 and was certain I was on the brink of death. 

The below photo was 3 days later when the blisters and pain set in and I was ready to jump out of a window and asked the doctor to "put me down." 

They don't look that bad in the photo, but my hands were very swollen and I couldn't even grasp the steering wheel and basically cried all the way to the doctor. I stayed up that night soaking my hands in rubbing alcohol out of desperation and in an attempt to shrink the blisters. 

Before you freak out, you will do crazy things after not sleeping for 3 nights and it being 1 in the morning and all people, desperate things. 

What's even worse now is that all those spots that are red are now shedding the skin and exposing brand new "hurts like the dickens" skin. Thankfully Jeremy got a new garage door opener (after the truck fiasco) so now I can easily get back into the house. It took me quite some time to get the front door open the last two days. My hands are essentially useless. 

So that's it, the good, the bad, the ugly (my hands), the truck. 
Hopefully the next life update doesn't include a stolen truck and the plague aftermath.