Meal Pinning Monday

May 15, 2016

Alright y'all, I'm going to be honest about the Tone It Up meal plan. 

I love the layout of when to eat what, but the amount of sugar consumed on that diet is out of this world insane for myself. 

Like week one was great, added some quinoa to my diet which I hadn't had in years. 
Week two was teacher appreciation week and I struggled. 
Week three I essentially planned all healthy meals and then woke up for an apparent food blackout covered in Oreo's and bloated as all get-out. 

It was so bad that I'm starting another Whole30 Monday to reset myself. Like seriously, I was drinking hot tea without any sweetener and after a few weeks of TIU I'm basically huffing stevia packets. 

[What is Meal Pinning Monday?]
MPM is how I meal plan for our little family. I once spent a lot of time searching the web and my recipe books hunting for new recipes and ideas for what to cook every week. Then, Pinterest came along and made meal planning much easier for me. Every weekend I look over what I have pinned the prior week and decide what I would like to cook and make my grocery list from these recipes. MPM came about as a way to share what I am cooking, and to also see what others are cooking every week to hopefully get even more dinner ideas from other bloggers. If you don't pin your recipes feel free to just share what you are cooking.

Monday - Crockpot Balsamic Chicken with Green Beans and Sauteed Kale
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Tuesday - Honey Mustard Chicken Wings, minus the honey with whatever veggie laying around the fridge

Wednesday - Puerto Rican Pork (Chicken) with Mojo Sauce & Avocado Salad

Thursday - Leftovers with Cauliflower Rice

Friday - Shakshuka

Saturday - Tuscan Pork Chops with Zoodles for me and Roasted Potatoes for the guys

Sunday - Lunch - Buffalo Chicken Casserole

Sunday Dinner - Chicken Bacon Ranch Skillet with Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Breakfast - Small Sweet Potato with Salt & Pepper with 3 Eggs cooked in 1 tsp Ghee

Lunch - Curried Chicken Tenderloins over Rainbow Kale with Bottom of the Jar dressing & veggies