Current Happenings

March 22, 2016

Eating: It's been a mix of Whole30 and whatever, I've been a bit discouraged by the 10lb weight gain that came along with knocking nursing session down to morning and night. My plan is to start The Dukan Diet after Easter until the weight comes off and then gradually phase out the dairy and go back to a mostly Paleo way of eating.

Reading: This has been a book filled month, I'm still reading It Starts with Food and For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. Earlier in the month I read French Women Don't Get Fat... that's what reminded me of losing weight before we went to Puerto Rico on the Dukan Diet. I highly recommend For the Love, I'm going to be so sad when I finish it. Jen is great about slapping you in the face with what you're slacking on as a Christian.

Watching: Basically any British BBC documentary I can get my hands on on Youtube. I'm a Real Housewives junkie, admitting is the first step right? I justify this by the fact that I've watched since the first season of Orange County and can't walk away now. It's total garbage, but those women are an interesting train wreck to observe. I'm interested to see what is happening withYolanda this season. Also... Downton Abby ended. Like for good y'all. I'm heartbroken. What will I do with my winter TV time slot for the rest of my life. You're slowly killing me Julian Fellows.

At least Call the Midwife comes back on PBS soon.

PBS and the BBC are my way of justifying my Housewives issue.

Doing: I've got my garden going. My zucchini sprouted this weekend and I'm all the praise hand emojis at the moment.

Buying: Orthodontic pacifiers. The Wubbanub broke and we've got to make the switch before his teeth are ruined for life. We tried the Nuk, fail. So I ordered a Chicco and something else and I swear he better take to one of them. I can't have a teenager who is still nursing with crooked teeth and a paci. He has to pick one weird vice and not have them all!

Loving: This spring weather is amazing, sadly it will only last ten minutes. I'll just take a minute to soak it up while it does last before the miserable South Louisiana heat begins.

Hating: Pollen. It appears the baby has the same aversion to it as I do. We are a snot nosed bunch right now, let me tell you.

Crafting: I've been working on painting over a sign I had to make it say BAKE and hang it in the kitchen above the window. I don't think any amount of white paint is going to cover that black lettering though. We'll see how that's still going next month!

Listening: I'm cheating on the reading front by listening to It Starts with Food. It's good, but can seriously give you a food complex.

Pinning: I've been stock piling Dukan Diet pins in preparation for next week. Fingers crossed this make that "no more nursing weight" move. If not I'll just call it the "Oh well, mama had a baby at 30 weight."

Going: No where. And all the angels sang!

Enjoying: Baking like a mad woman still. I made my grandmother's Lemon Whipper Snapper recipe for Celebrate Recovery this past week and Jeremy said they were a hit. I'll be posting that one this Thursday.

Hoping: That Harrison will start walking before the summer so he can enjoy the aquarium a bit more.

Considering: I guess you can say I'm considering what we are doing for our anniversary, or when we are going to New Orleans for that matter.

Wearing: I admit it, I wear work out clothing 90% of the time. If I'm not at work you better bet I've got on athletic wear. Luckily I workout after work so they're justified ha!