Month One

April 2, 2015

I've been awful at blogging this week, but Jeremy has been on Spring Break and Mom is in town. Considering she hasn't been able to be here except for the day he was born (thank you work) I've been soaking it up.

Saturday we hit a solid month old.

-looking out the window
-being outside
-contrasting colors - lucky for him the previous owners painted this house in contrasting colors
-being worn in the Baby Bjorn
-the Wubba Nub pacifier when he's tired
-being swaddled

I did learn that it's a little hard to get a monthly pic when you're by yourself with a newborn. 

We aren't exactly the best at not falling over. 

He was visited by all of his grandparents this month, and we even found out that his Granddaddy (my dad) has "no evidence of cancer." He had another scan this week, but so far he is set for a lot more Granddaddy time in his life! 

 It really is ridiculous how much I love Carter's baby clothing.

These shoes are being worn constantly before he out grows them!

 Here's a more accurate depiction of month one for you, if Mom's not holding him he isn't entertained for too many minutes. 

Since there are zero pictures of me with him I thought I should at least get one, even though I look like I haven't had time to shower in a month and live in nursing bras and the only pair of shorts that fit. 

Because that is in fact reality at the moment. 

 At least he's cute when he's mad. 
Especially since this is what it looks like when you aren't asleep or nursing. 

Well I thought I'd actually get this post done, but turns out between these pollen induced allergies and a tummy ache I hear someone fussing during his nap. 

After our appointment Monday I'll put the weight and height up!


Updated stats:)

Weight- 10 lbs 15 oz
Length - 21 inches

We had to laugh during the appointment because as soon as Dr. M grabbed Harrison from Jeremy he commented that he was solid and that most babies at this age seem more delicate ha!

Have I mentioned how much this child likes to eat?

That's a 2 pound gain in a month.

Holy smokes.