29 Weeks

December 30, 2014

This week was eventful with Christmas and a babymoon! 

However at this size I've had to finally buy a support belt. 

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 29 weeks
Size of baby: Baby H is the size of a pineapple
Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants and bras, and Piko tops. Plus whatever of Jeremy's that fits. - added a support belt to the mix this week
Gender: Boy
Movement: All day, every day. He keeps sitting somewhere weird and causing me to have this strange numbness/pain sensation at the top of my stomach.
Sleep: Really good the two nights we were in a hotel bed that was a lot like my old antique bed I had covered in down everything!
Cravings: Crushed ice, eating it really helps with heartburn.
Highlight this week: We bought all of our baby furniture at IKEA yesterday and have our 1st 3rd trimester appointment tomorrow.

Here are a few highlights from our Houston Babymoon >>>

It literally rained the entire time, but we ate at a lot of great places (Lankford Grocery and Tacos A Go Go are must). Crepes and coffee weren't a bad hangout while we were waiting to check into the hotel. 

As far as things to do, we went to the Galleria (could have lived without it), played Top Golf, went to the Improve Comedy Club, watched a movie, baby furniture shopped, and slept an entire afternoon. 

It was glorious. 

I even scored 113 and beat Jeremy at a game of Top Golf, which I don't think is too shabby for being 29 weeks pregnant. 

After our long nap I realized I was having some serious pregnancy women lip injections. I feel like all the fluid either pools in my face or my feet. 

Now for a little comparison >>> 29, 19, and 7 weeks. 
I couldn't locate the 9 weeks pregnant pic.