Five on Friday!

June 6, 2014

VBS week is coming to a close today, that's a yay and nay. I initially wasn't excited to help out, but seeing all my favorite people every day made for some fun. Plus I'm convinced 1st grade is the best age ever. 

So great that I'm rethinking this Sped add on. Maybe the summer lazy has just hit me ha! 

With all the VBS week fun I think my goofy comes a little farther out than usual, especially on Thursday nights. 

I tend to get more ridiculous than usual at Thursday night small group with my friend Brandi, girlfriend brings out my nutty comments. Sometimes I think Jeremy probably prays that I get strep or something that will prevent me from talking!

It didn't help that we watched that "It Takes a Church" reality show just to laugh at it. I'm going to blame my crazy on watching that and then Family Feud on mute as a contribution to my nutty-ness. It's not the truth, but we'll shift blame that way.

So, the point of this post, aside from my crazy spell Thursday night.

It's been busy, but the highlights definitely included Starbucks giving me a non-decaf venti drink that I'll make sure to never order again. Geez I can't handle caffeine. I felt sick the rest of the day from it. That is, after the insane energy wore off.

Our 5th anniversary was last Friday and we celebrated with dinner at Social in Lafayette. Service and food are totally fine dining, but the atmosphere is more geared towards the 20's age group for sure. Makes me miss Sage in Monroe, when I am going to spend that kind of money on a meal I want a nice atmosphere to go with it. I guess Social was just a little loud. The food was amazing though.

Ellie, oh old lady Ellie. This manipulative little skunk has definitely gotten worse with age. So far this week she as pretended to want outside to potty when in reality she just wanted me to let her out of our bedroom. After scratching at the backdoor, I got up and she took off for the bedroom door. Then yesterday in my attempt to sleep longer, which didn't happen today, I had to put her in bed with me. She stuck her little self under the sheet and put her furry little head on a pillow like she belonged there. At least she let me sleep in. Today though, she felt the need to sit on me. Who on earth can sleep with a 12lb weenie dog sitting on top of them acting like she's guarding the bed or something. I'd just love to be privy to her thought process some time.

PSA:: you can't make biscuit beignets and use a plastic spoon to scoop them out. Doesn't work one bit. My spoon now looks like it has some skin disease.

Last but not least, if you haven't tried the Chia Fresca from yesterday's post you definitely should. I made the orange pineapple juice version I talked about at the very end. It's a really refreshing drink after working out this time of year.