High Five for Friday

May 9, 2014

This has been a long week, almost as if I lived it twice already. 

Something tells me next week between school ending soon and Jeremy graduating will be just as long and drawn out. Kids are just manic this close to the end. 

1. Ellie has been cracking me up lately with her little perch. Jeremy felt bad that she liked looking out the window so much and did have that luxury in this townhouse. She typically has a low to the ground window to sit in, or like our house in Monroe, she sat either at the glass door or on the window seat. So he pulled up what is apparently blinds in this house, pushed out ottoman to the window, and then shoved her stool up to it so she could get up there. She hasn't gotten down except to eat and potty since.

2. I am obsessed with Quest Protein Bars! It's how I get my chocolate fix in the afternoons. The only down side is that the guy at GNC now knows who I am and what I'm up to every week. Brings me back to those high school and college days when we lived close to good BBQ places. I always ate BBQ on Friday and it got to the point at both places, whether I was back home or in Monroe, that when I walked in the girl at the counter would quote my order to me and then pass it right on over. I tend to get stuck in food obsessions if you haven't noticed.

3. Who all watches Call the Midwife? I've been catching up on my iPad here lately. I've only gotten to episode 3 on the new season and it was so sad. I never cry and it took everything in me to not sob through the entire episode.

4. As part of preparing for our absurd outdoor field trip this week I took my old denim jacket and cut the sleeves off to make a vest. Super easy if you want to do it, just flip it inside out and cut as close as you can get away with to remove the sleeve. After that I frayed the material that was left behind, and I'm happy to tell you the look was 4th grader approved. They tend to think they work on Fashion Police, but as long as I'm getting good reviews I'm good to go. Then again I typically wear khakis, so if I do anything outside the norm the girls think it's pretty.

5. Our trip... it was to a ride through safari park near New Orleans. It was a little annoying to sit on a bus for nearly 6 hours and not get home until 6 that day, but the single hour we were at the park was fun. My students never fail to make me laugh about something and they got a good laugh out of me that day. I was busy watching them and some large animal came right up and stuck it nose to the back of my head, I immediately jumped up squealing. The kids thought it was a riot! The only problem was one of mine wasn't paying any attention and as our wagon pulled forward, the animal didn't move, and it went nose to nose with my student who was hanging over the side of the wagon happily feeding the deer who couldn't reach him. The look of shock and excitement on his face was probably the funniest moment of the entire day!

What are your weekend plans? Did you do anything new and fun this week?