Five Things On A Friday

December 13, 2013

It's Friday, so let's recap this little week.


I made my sister's insanely easy toffee recipe last night. I'll post it Tuesday for everyone. Seriously this thing took 30 minutes to make at the most, most like 15. It took the oven longer to preheat. 


I finally sent out Christmas cards! After not doing them last year I was super happy to take pics this year, it's the only time I get a good pic of us. I love looking at how we change over the year, I'm assuming these will show a lot more change after 20 years of marriage. 


We took Joshua to Acadian Village in Lafayette this year; even though it was freezing and raining he loved it. Poor thing was terrified of Santa and only took a pic because I held him... my eyes were closed so it wasn't exactly that flattering of me. Oh well, I convinced him to see Santa. 

I have this magical power of competition with this child, seriously. No one can get him to do anything quite like I can. All I have to do is utter the words, "I can do it better than you." The next thing you know he is hauling butt to beat me at whatever. This summer he was refusing to get out of the lake, all I had to do is say I could swim to the shore faster than he could. Worked like a charm. 

Over Thanksgiving he wouldn't take him medicine, I told him I could throw something in the trash before he could take it. Guess who took their cough syrup? 


Over the weekend we also took little dude with Mom and I to Christmas shop. There was a stop at Toys R Us, which was a first for me with a child, it was quite interesting. The child literally touched everything in the store and said "I want that" in many different ways. He even managed to pull the same stunt in Pier One, which the woman behind us thought was adorable. 


It's officially only one week until Christmas Break now!!!