home sick induced by cabin fever

June 14, 2012

It's days like this that I really miss Monroe.

It's storming, the satellite is out, and the dogs are so under foot I've given in to just sitting on the couch so they can sit on me. So far I've swept, mopped, and ran the dishwasher. There is a huge laundry pile with mostly my name in it, and I am almost positive I'd rather never eat again than hang a single pair of pants. Laundry is the death of me. While I'm here, trapped in cabin fever I can do nothing more but think about what I'd do back in Monroe.

For one I could go up to ULM and swim or walk the track...along with the Precor eliptical. My dream at home machine. Love some Precor.

The mall and the tons of shops around it were always great to browse in my infinite boredom.

Lest we not forget Paul Michael, the best home interior store on planet earth. Oh why don't you exist here?

Dirt Cheap was another treasure trove of cheap wanderings. I could walk out with an arm load for $10.

I'd really love to go buy that blue door in Antique Ally that Jeremy never gave into.

The difference between there and here...here here is no where near the shopping. Houma has a little, but I'd rather fold laundry than drive on MLK. Worst traffic ever, and for all corporate shopping. I honestly don't know where the fun little antique junk store are here. I don't really know where much is, but what I do see usually cost much more than I care to spend.

I need another 7 dollar door in my life to repurpose. Or a random girlfriend to window shop with.

But right now I am just feeling a little home sick, and something I never thought I'd feel...Monroe sick.