[Guest Post] Group Gifts Offer Ease for Givers

April 13, 2012

Sorry for the blog hiatus this week, state testing makes me one tired teacher.No joke, I walked 3.5 miles just monitoring testing yesterday alone. Hopefully next week I can get the post going that I like to have every week and be back to bloggy normal. 

Today's guest post for you is from Jessica, this girl is always so full of ideas. She needs to let me borrow her brain one day ha! Anyway, Jessica left us with some great gift giving ideas for those of us looking to purchase wedding gifts. Wedding season is upon us people, and we all know how expensive that can be. Hope ya'll enjoy her tips, and leave some comment love! 

Group Gifts Offer Ease for Givers

When it’s time to give a gift to an engaged or newly married couple, you might want to splurge on an expensive gift they really want. How, though, can you possibly afford to give an all-inclusive trip or top-of-the-line entertainment system? It’s simple. Give a group gift. Doing so enables you to share the cost of fabulous gifts any couple will love and help you forgo items the newlyweds might receive in multiples, like toasters and picture frames. Group gifting is convenient for everyone from coworkers to long-distance friends. Bring together family members or sorority sisters and give a classy, useful gift without the hassle of picking from the registry, struggling to meet the bride and groom’s needs or feeling embarrassed about having a limited budget.

When planning a group gift, discuss the idea among the folks who will be chipping in, such as bridesmaids, groomsmen, grandparents, cousins, college friends or neighbors. Allow everyone involved to suggest a few luxury items and decide on something the newlyweds will love. Stay in touch with people who may be located out of state with email and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

After you’ve chosen a group, choose a gift. Everyone has to agree on a price limit. Select one big-ticket item off the gift registry or choose a completely different gift that means something to the couple. Options include designer luggage, a new wardrobe for the honeymoon, patio furniture and landscaping for outdoor entertaining at their new home or home theater installation complete with a flat-screen television, DVD player, TiVo and perhaps even a Netflix subscription. Each member of the group can choose to individually purchase a small portion of the gift or give the amount of money that fits their budget.

Today’s gifting trends include practical and lifestyle gifts. Newlyweds want experiences and memories, not cash or useless knickknacks. Most couples already have everyday items like appliances, linens and bedding. Instead of buying a gift the couple does not need or want, go for something they might be unable to afford on their own. Help pay off their student loans, give them gift certificates for a tropical getaway or help remodel a room in their home (especially great for couples whose first home is a fixer upper). Any of these ideas meets a practical need, gives the couple what they want and is an investment in their future life together. Designate a group member to pick out the gift, wrap it and gather signatures for the greeting card. The gift registry store might ship large gifts directly to the couple, which saves you from lugging an unwieldy present to the wedding shower or reception.

Gift giving for an engagement or wedding can be a fun experience as you celebrate a couple’s decision to tie the knot. Avoid overspending and regret, straining your budget or giving a gift that's likely to be returned for store credit. Join or start a group and give a meaningful gift any new couple will love.

Jessica became interested in weddings and event planning after helping her friend plan her wedding last fall. She enjoys design, interior decorating and watching HGTV.