just an idea...

February 10, 2012

Monday I plan to start a new blog series called Meal Pinning Monday. The premise of this is that I have meal planned for years, spending hours scouring the internet and various cook books I have acquired in search of new recipes. There are only a few recipes I make more than a few times. It is rare I repeat recipes in a month, except during spaghetti squash season which could be dubbed Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Month at our house. Once Pinterest hit the scene recipe hunting became much easier, new foodie ideas are constantly crossing my screen from the other pinners I follow, and the random things I have managed to find. 

Anyway, with the recent popularity of meal planning these days (like I said, I've been a planner forever) I thought it would be great to post what I had pinned and planned to cook for the week. Others could also link up, and we could get inspiration (or Pinspiration as pinners call it) from everyone else's great Pinterest food finds. I mean, who doesn't love to look at recipes. Someone tell me I am not the only one reading cook books for fun ha! 

Here is the button:

I will have a code on Monday so you can add it to your post when you link up. Hope y'all plan to join it, I would absolutely love it!