{fill in the blank friday}

July 9, 2010

fill in the blank friday.


1.  My favorite thing about this week has been       having one day of no online class work and my Dad coming yesterday    .

2.  The weather this week has been      Not as bad as usual. My kiddy pool hasn't been nasty hot all week. Yes I have a kiddy pool big enough for my floaty. .

3.  The last (interesting) item I received in the mail was     a 13th check from the school board that none of us were expecting. It was small but still money I didn't expect to see  .

4.  The last movie I saw was      The Crazies. It was crazy  .

5.  If I could be doing anything I felt like today I would     lose weight laying out and not have work to do .

6.  As a teenager I was       happy for the most part. Teen life is much easier with good friends .

7.  I wish I could trade lives for the day with      Prince Williams girlfriend. I have always wanted to know what it was like to be around the royal family     .