Somebody is Going to Die if Lilly Beth Doesn't Catch that Bouquet

December 14, 2008

I know I have been horrible at this, but my belief that once school was out for Christmas I'd have free time turned out to be a big lie I had convinced myself of to survive finals apparently. I have seemed to live at Sage this week and next week won't be any better. Our event planner went on vacay to I'm picking up the slack and working her lunch shift and my dinner hostess shift and what I like to call event stalking(bc we will find and force anyone into a set menu if you have more than 20 people) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and just my regular dinner hostess shift Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I have a feeling this week is gonna kick my butt majorly with the 9 shifts, christmas shopping I have to finish, going to the gym some time in all this, finishing boutonnieres(i'll blog about them when they are done), Bklyn Bride card swap(signed up for it before i knew i'd be the hostess slave), and cleaning the house and doing laundry(which i havent had time to do in two weeks and it is showing). And at no point in time in any of this do I get to pout like I'd love to because I'm the happy little hostess who will pull a table out of mid air to seat a well-to-do regular. Wow I need a break, only a week and a half till the Sage 3 day Christmas.

If anyone is looking for a good book to read this is definitely the one to pick up. It has got to be the funniest thing I have read in months. Metcalfe and Hays perfectly describe southerners and all of our quirky wedding ways. Several times while I was reading this I was laughing more because it has actually happened to me, or I have had my Mom and Nanny tell me not to do or how to do something that was being picked on in the book. Another great reason to read this is for the recipes, every southern weddingish(if it's even a word) food you have ever consumed at a southern wedding is in this book. Anyway here is synopsis from

Even if you've never attended a wedding in the South, you'll find laughter in the pages of this deliciously entertaining slice of Southern life and love, complete with recipes, advice, and a huge dose of that famous charm
"In the Mississippi Delta, funerals bring out the best in people, while weddings, which are supposed to be happy occasions, bring out the worst." So say Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays, authors of the bestseller Being Dead Is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies' Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral, who turn their keen eyes and sharp wit from the end of the life cycle to the all-important midpoint. For anyone planning, participating in, or attending a wedding (Southern or not), this book will amuse, entertain, and provide advice for marital bliss, including:
--It's OK to peek at an etiquette book, but if you rely too heavily on it, people will think that you are not fully acquainted with what is right and wrong.—Anything that was not done in the past doesn't need to be done now—consider this before ordering a groom's cake, especially one featuring a fishing-tackle or golfing theme.
Gayden Metcalfe is a lifelong Southerner and one of the founders of the Greenville Arts Council. She lives in Greenville, Mississippi. Charlotte Hays is a Delta native and recovering gossip columnist living in Washington, D.C.

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  1. I was trying to figure out who Lilly Beth was and sure was hoping everyone would let her catch your bouquet!