Dive-In Movies & Easy Peasy Hiking

June 13, 2024

On our last day to wander around to decided to take it easy. Everyone piled in the car, including Dill, and we went in search of a coffee mug. 

I really think this is Jeremy getting me to get a commemorative mug to make us find a new vacation spot next year. It's fine, we don't need to vacation there again, just buy me a tiny cabin. I don't have a photo of what I bought, but I went into the Mountain View Craft School (after a few stores and someone suggesting Walmart 😑) and grabbed something made by a local potter. 

Afterwards we headed back out to Blanchard Springs to hike, it has been raining all day, so we were limited to the paved hike to the waterfall. The neat thing about this pool of water is this is what trickles and filters through the massive cavern underneath (that we toured last year the Elliot got so scared he peed himself). 

One day I am seriously going to have a sit down meeting with this family of mine and teach them the 5 photog skills I know so at last I can have better pictures of myself. 

The photo below is from under tha rock ledge looking back at the walking path. Let's not even fool our selves and call this a hike. That hike path was too muddy for the dog and kids. 

I was probably telling Elliot here that he could not go out onto the rocks like his father. He has a lot of authority in his little body and very little sense. All day I hear either "but" or "why" on repeat. 

The tiny mushrooms might be my favorite photo. 

There is a similar hike to this one in Helen, GA at the Chattahoochee National Forest. This one is much more tame if you are taking little kids. The other was even wheel chair friendly, but had a bit of a rushing creek situation and steep sides, two ingredients that little wild boys do not need to test out. 

After our mini hike the kids came home and played in the rain until they were forced to bathe before the movie. 

These photos are at the start of their playing and in no way depict what I washed off the two of them. They had a good time. 

Way later that evening we went to the Stone Drive In to see the new Garfield movie, which was really good by the way. The kids had a blast, until everyone had to pile in the car due to the hard rain that suddenly hit. We've got a lot of trunk, but not two kids and two adults "lot of trunk." 

Right at the end of the movie Elliot realized he never got to go to the concession stand. I didn't take him, no one needs popcorn at 10pm. He sure wanted that pointed out though. The child lives for pointing out what he believes is an injustice. As if dinner at Pizza Inn before wasn't food. 

I think what I love most about leaving Louisiana and heading to the mountains in early June is the lightening bugs. Watching them dance around in the yard, and then on the wood line before the movie started is so nice.