Antique Malls & Blanchard Springs

June 5, 2024

The only thing better than a swimming hole is a huge antique mall. 

On Wednesday we headed downtown to wander all the shops and then spent the afternoon at Blanchard Springs in the North Sylamore Creek. 

It took everything in me not to purchase this box of records. It was a set of square dance songs and calls for each one. 

Not only do I wish we knew how to square dance, when I was a child my grandparents did. I went to a few of their practices and very much recall them all decked out in their outfits to dance at a festival. Nanny in her red gingham twirly square dance outfit is a favorite memory of mine. Sorry Pop, I wish I knew what you were wearing, I remember you dancing, but Nanny's outfit won with all the ruffles and twirls! 

Once the kids had "had it" with me we went into the Amish store that was bought by someone else, but still carries Amish goods and candy. They loaded up a candy bag and forgot how much they hated antique shopping. 

This was the lesson to be learned last year. Mountain View closes down at 5pm. Get all your shopping done in the morning and swim in the afternoon. Last year we did the opposite and didn't get to shop one bit. 

Off to Blanchard Springs to their swimming hole. Keep a few loose dollar on you for this trip. All of the swimming/park areas cost 3 dollar for day use. There isn't an attendant, but you'll be filling out a form and dropping it into the drop box by the bathrooms. 

Much of this the kids could do without life jackets, but some parts are just deep enough and we haven't created the best swimmers. We also don't swim enough to get any real practice in. 

It's hard to tell from the photos but this entire area of the creek is a huge rock bottom that has been carved out by the water. The deepest bits are waist deep on the kids and the water flows through it so quickly that it is a fun little water slide to glide through. 

If you love ice cold water, this is the creek for you. 

My only complaint about this part of the creek is that this time of the year it is pretty shallow and you've got a ton of rock bank to walk over to get to the water. Gunner Pool is better in my opinion for this reason. 

Pictures never do this area justice. It's beautiful, the weather is mild, and the sun seems to always shine. Who wants to buy a cabin with me and never come back to a city again?