Palm Sunday & Weekend Shenanigans

March 27, 2024

I was super excited Thursday, alone... the rest of the family did not feel this excitement, because a friend dropped off a big bundle of Red Russian Kale. Let me tell you how fast I nixed that salad I was making and started cleaning and sautéing kale. 

My go-to greens recipe is easy - sauté sliced shallot and minced garlic in butter. Toss in your greens. Season with salt and pepper, maybe a splash of lemon juice. That's it. 

How pretty is this kale!?

Garden update #1, it appears that the "winter" lettuce I bought was really preferring Spring. It has taken off in the last month. I even picked some this weekend for a sandwich. 

I know, this is the riveting blog content everyone is looking for. 

The school auction was this weekend and I dropped off my favorite Lemon Butter Cake. I linked the recipe a few posts back in the meal plan. It's easy, from scratch, and a crowd pleaser. You can't go wrong with it. 

More riveting garden content. I decided to replace my lavender with lobelia this year. We shall see just how upright Upright Lobelia happens to be. I need anyone living in that front yard to be HARDY as humanly possible. 

I finally finished my quilt top this weekend! 

Holy smokes that thing got harder to sew straight lines the larger it became. I imagine that the quilting part of this process is going to be equally as easy. I finally started clipping the folded parts just to keep it together a bit more and I moved it around in my lap. 

Final quilt top product. 

This is the garden update #2 if you are keeping count. 

My same lovely friend that grew that beautiful kale had also tried growing Biquinho Peppers, I planted two of them in my grow bags. Hopefully they do well this season. 

The teenagers had me laughing Sunday. As I was attempting to take a cute photo of my cute coffee cup at a local coffee shop (Komade in New Iberia) and the Palm Sunday passage we were reading... I was abruptly called out by teens. 

They accused me of taking "mom Instagram photos." They broke out into their usual laughter and mocking, and I just had to laugh too. I also said they have no room to talk about IG moms, because they take photos of themselves for Snapchat constantly and I keep my lips sealed. Anyway, they're funny, and I do love a sense of humor and can appreciate that they are willing to dish it back out at me. 

Sunday was also the annual church Picnic at City Park. The boys always enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt, and now for 8 years in a row we have not suffered a single ant bite at the high start of ant bite season. 

If you see the plain kids shirts for $4 at Walmart, take advantage of them. They are seriously better quality then the Old Navy shirts I bought them last spring. 

Have you tried the new Gooey Butter Cake Blue Bell flavor? Jeremy and I weren't entirely impressed, but the kids were into it. So much so they stole nearly the entire pint from me. 

My final verdict was that the cake batter ice cream base didn't make it taste like the bars. I wanted more butter and cream cheese and then a back end taste of cake.