More Than 5 Things on Friday

March 8, 2024

 What did I do last weekend? Based on my camera roll it appears I fermented things and sewed. 

[One] I tried my hand at French style yogurt. You use the Oui brand as your based and heat whole milk. After I finished painfully heating milk I read that you can also make it out of ultra refined Fairlife. So while this first batch was vanilla with blueberry preserves, I made a batch last night with chocolate Fairlife milk. The macros will be way better and I've got my fingers crossed that it just tastes good overall.

I don't own a candy thermometer so I borrowed the one Jeremy uses to fry in his big ole pot. I propped it up on a big glass jar to keep the point from touching the bottom of the pan and giving a false read.

[Two] I've made potato flake sour dough for several years and lost ours after we moved back to Louisiana. Over Christmas I had a friend restock me and we've been back to baking bread. My favorite has been a cinnamon loaf that I'd like to remake and add raisins. 


[Three] I didn't time my bread well and it would have been done Monday morning instead of Monday night. I enlisted a trick I learned from Murmurs of Ricotta (with her cinnamon roll recipe) and popped the bread in the fridge over night on Sunday. Then it spent the day rising for the last time Monday and came out great. 

[Four] This was the photo I sent Mom as I was trying to figure out how to get the bobbin correct. Seriously I really would like to forgo feeding anyone this weekend and just set up shop in the kitchen and sew the entire time we are off. 

[Five] It's been quite evident that I didn't plant my salad seed mix early enough. As of right now I've got a side salad for one and need to start ripping it out to get my other plants in next weekend. 

Honestly this weekend I need to trip the hydrangeas, fertilize, and then purchase 5 distyliums because my foray into gardenia gardener ended terribly after a drought/heatwave/and freeze combo.

[Six] If you've thought, surely you're done fermenting now Emily, you were wrong. I also had to bottle another batch of kombucha and spent yet another week making unflavored because I've been too lazy to puree and store my fresh ginger. (I really prefer ginger kombucha as a means of eating more ginger.) 

Kombucha bottles with the evening sun hitting them. What could be better?