Five Things on Friday

February 23, 2024

Life so far the past two months, let's see...

Little bit got glasses. Turns out he was blind as a bat in one eye and now looks like he will file your taxes. Pre-K during the day, CPA in the evenings

I don't want y'all to think this is Elliot heavy, it is, but he is the child that will hold still for the camera. 

This particular Elliot incident made me laugh, he hates underwear. Seriously, we have a deal that he doesn't have to wear underwear on Saturday, but it's a requirement for church and school. 

For a child that doesn't want to participate in underwear, explain to me why he was wearing two pair of shorts? 

This predates 2024, but we took family photos with Carlie Ann Collective in October. This happens to be a silly one. I told Jeremy we really have to get better at family photos. To date we have only had professional photos taken: for our engagement, wedding, Harrison's newborns, Elliot's newborns... and then this mini session. 

Where are my blind friends who wear tortoise shell glasses at? 

When I tell y'all I have to have a second pair of glass to locate my primary pair of glasses. These were located after a whole day search and it's an absolute miracle I ever found them. 

I could honestly write an entire blog post about the trouble with Cockapoos. Dill has a penchant for only behaving when he knows he's being watched. He won't get on the furniture at all, until we aren't home. Don't let it rain or this nut will come tearing through the house spreading dirt everywhere. He also won't take your food... until you turn your back. He's never been a furniture chewer and is very potty trained, so I'll give him those well deserved brownie points. 

Then he has his Lassie moments. There have been a few times he's come to alert me of something, a mouse he found in the yard and what not. The other day he got in panties in a wad when I left the windows open and Jeremy started doing yard work. I was working out in the bedroom and he came running in barking like a crazy dog. 

Harrison insisted I "see what Dill wanted" and as it turns out he wanted the windows closed. 

Then he does things like this... sitting on a poster thinking it is a blanket.