Kindergarten Graduation

May 18, 2022

 Last night Harrison got to celebrate the end of school with Kindergarten Graduation. 

I'll be honest, I'm not that sappy mother who gets teary because, well, life has to move on. We also are completing his "victory lap" as one of my teacher buddies at our school in Hoover called it. Y'all, doing what was best for him and repeating K was rough on a child of the 90s who was brought up in a time where that had a ton of stigma. 

But it's been best for him, with his speech delay and expressive language that we have worked so hard on - reading doesn't come easy for his little brain. He's so intelligent, but reading is hard (heck I remember how hard it was for me.) 

He's done so well, and learned so much over the years. Maybe after we see the developmental pediatrician over the summer I'll share a bit more. (crossing my fingers they get us in during the summer) 

This is Harry and his best friend. Like BEST friend. These two hug and carry on each time they see each other. When we were leaving last night I was cracking up because - we had parked a space away from each other - but they were both putting their hands around their mouths to yell. Like they couldn't hear each other. And were talking something about ice cream flavors. 

I haven't the slightest clue why little boys are so quirky, but they're adorable. 

Another thing that made me laugh last night was that at the end of every song people would clap, and I don't think Harrison expected it. He would smile so big and then (be the only child to do so) take a bow. 

I haven't started going gray yet, but this child is going to be the reason why. 

He is the most preacher's kid child. (insert eye roll) Last night he came in and walked right on stage, as if he owned the place. Sometimes I wish my children weren't so familiar with church, they act like it's a second home and hold nothing back. 

He then removed his shoes and continued to carry around his bucket of popcorn. Jeremy had to get up to check the AC and off Elliot went. He didn't like that his Harry was gone, and wasn't about to let Daddy go off without him either. 

This particular picture was taken when he announced, "You can take my picture too! I say cheese." 

Let it be known he is busier than any busy bag I will ever create for him. 

Some of Harry's favorite people came last night - we just forgot to get a picture with Brandon and Kali (and I should say Mia because Harrison was about to propose marriage after Kali let her hand him a graduation present... of Pokemon cards.) 

This is Naomi, we use to be next door neighbors. Harrison has loved her and her husband since he was old enough to walk across the street and demand a spoon full of peanut butter. Seriously, we never got home that he didn't look for their cars and then take off to their house with us trailing behind him. 

We surely don't deserve it, but God has placed amazing neighbors next to us time and time again. 

Last up, us... minus Elliot who was having none of it. 

Hopefully we will get the professional photos in soon and I'll share those as well.