FIVE Old Navy Dresses I'm Loving Right Now

May 17, 2022

 With the summer heat in full swing, I tend to lean towards dresses. 

Louisiana is hot, and peeling skinny jeans off your body at the end of the day is less than thrilling. Shorts work for after work and weekends... but church and school still require real clothing for the months of May - then August to October. 

After the thrilling Laura Ashley craze of winter, I've grown fond of it in a sense and am leaning into that look for summer as well. I won't lie, I'm a touch sad I didn't get any collared dresses back in the winter. 

With May sales happening at Old Navy, Mother's Day was a treat, it is high time to jump on it and forgo anything that clings to your legs for the next several months. 

Memorial Day is coming up - so keep checking their app for big discounts. 

And before I link to all of these dresses let me tell you my two criteria for a cute dress these days. First, I have to be able to wear biker shorts underneath. Elliot is ALWAYS lifting my dresses up, and I can't risk offering a peep show after church. Second, I have to be able to wear an actual bra with it. At this age, after nursing two children, a full blown real bra has to be in place. 

Let me add a third one on before I link the dresses, I also want a decently high neckline. The older I get, the more coverage I appreciate. 

1. Tiered Chambray Puff Sleeve All Day Midi Swing Dress

I bought this same dress but in blue gingham and can't find it on their website to save my life. Also, anything with "swing" in the title means you will be easy breezy during the scorching summer months. 

2. Puff Sleeve Printed Sleeve Dress

This comes in several colors and might be my favorite of five. It's got arm coverage, leg coverage, and the dangling strings that allow you to tie this puppy up if you risk your toddler digging in the top of your dress. Plus it's super cute. 

3. Fit & Flare Flutter Sleeve Tie-Back Midi Dress 

This one is mom bra risky, but worth wearing one with straps. Plus it's long enough to not flash anyone and chambray might be my favorite material to date. 

4. Flutter-Sleeve Smocked Floral Embroidered Mini Swing Dress

This dress also comes in pink and a blue chambray color. Conservative, cute, perfect for the hot months ahead. The embroidery detail makes it look better quality rather than a plain print dress. 

5. Stripped Button Front All Day Midi Swing Dress

I'm in a full blown "what can I wear clogs with" phase and this dress is perfect for clogs. Wear it to work now and even into the fall season. The blue hue makes me much more versatile for spring through fall.