Teeth, Parades, and Mama Escape Plans

February 10, 2022

Life is interesting, seasons are faster or slower. Some times I feel like I have plenty of time to get things done, other seasons lend themselves to a constant state of catching up. 

This is a catching up season.  

My to-do list is long, and my time is still only 24 hours in a day - with 8 of those needing to be sleep. 

If there were an award for multitasking, I'd get at least the top 3. 

This week Harrison lost his first tooth. If you look into his mouth in this photo and can't figure out where... that's because he refused to lose it until he had just about grown an adult tooth. 

Until tooth fairy payment was made, he wasn't a fan of this tooth losing business. 

I say this often, but Elliot is pig headed. 

Maybe a pig isn't stubborn enough, he would give a donkey a run for it's money. 

At the store this weekend he wanted to be buckled in, but didn't want to sit in the seat, so he improvised. 

We also went to a Mardi Gras parade! Elliot had a blast once the floats started and he saw that he could catch toys and candy. He was horrified at the noise before then. 

Harry, with his newly outfitted headphones, enjoyed the entire spectacle. He waves just like that the entire time, float or no float. I repeatedly told him he could put his hands down, but he was very concerned that someone might miss him if he did. Harrison also leaned over a few times to ask me "What is it that I yell again?" 

And if you're from Louisiana you know the answer to that - "Throw me something mister!" 

For the first time since my cousin's wedding when Harrison was about 20 months old I got away for a night. I met a dear friend at the Abide conference in New Orleans (at the seminary) and we had such a great time. 

Jen Wilken was the main speaker and really encouraged women to be biblically literate - not just someone who reads devos and studies only. 

Possibly the best part - we saw so many old friends. I ran into our former worship pastor's wife and one of our wonderful women who attended FBC Thibodaux when we were both there. It was so encouraging to hug so many necks and to eat lunch with old friends. 

Funny enough, our Air B&B cancelled at the last minute and we crashed on the couch of Stephanie's pastor's wife. Y'all not only were we from the same hometown but we were related to the same people (me through the husband and her on the wife's side). 

We laughed about the balloon race and the year Mr. Peanut went into the river, you know... only things people from the Miss-Lou would understand. 

The boys had quite the weekend highlight too. Other than the parade and their boy's night (they were excited to be with just Daddy) Jeremy had pointed out that Chick-Fil-A in town had their play place open. 

Poor little pandemic Elliot has missed all the fun, he started walking when the world shut down and hasn't had the opportunity to lick other kids germs off an indoor slide. But his day finally came.