Spinbrushes and Static

February 18, 2022

This week we learned a few lessons about static electricity. 

Like rubbing a balloon all over yourself and throwing it up means it doesn't come back down. 

After that I rubbed all three balloons on Elliot's head, he hysterically laughed, until none of them came back down from the ceiling. 

For a hot minute they were believing in some sort of magic. 


As usual, these two did very little that they were supposed to do. 

Most afternoons are spent with us trying to convince a future dictator that we are in charge. 

Yesterday I told him: 

"Listen to me. I am the boss, I am in charge of you."

To which Elliot replied: 

"No, I in charge of me." 

He going to go far as an adult, if he can hone this behavior into something positive. Otherwise y'all reread this when he tries to take over the universe through world domination. 

Raising children leaves you somewhere between laughing and crying at all times. 

While I was working out yesterday Elliot found an electric toothbrush the OT had suggested we use with Harry. Elliot was going to see none of this injustice. He told both Jeremy and I that he "found it first". 

Jeremy continued to try and nicely talk him into handing it over while Elliot backed away while quietly saying "I just gotta go first" in an attempt to escape Jeremy and toothbrush removal. 

If you're curious how it ended, it wasn't an easy removal. Elliot is far too stubborn for that.