The End of Christmas Break

January 6, 2022

If I simply told y'all we enjoyed the nothingness of Christmas break you could call me a liar. 

We haven't had Jeremy home so many days in three years and it was great. Elliot didn't even go to the sitter. As a family we sat around doing house things and very little outside of that. We visited our parents and just chilled. 

Dill has made it quite clear who his person is. 

Funny enough, Elliot scrapped his hand last night and it was bleeding. After the initial trauma was over the second wave of his little nanny Dill wanting to lick his wound was a source of screaming. Elliot would start watching his "TB" (tv) with his little hand draped over the recliner... and Dill would show up and try to lick it and take care of his person. 

His person was not amused at this display of love. 

These photos though, were just the two of them cuddling in the floor the night we cleaned the furniture (finally). 

I've finally found the homemade kombucha flavor to make my heart content. Blueberry and ginger. 

Elliot said he needed "eatballs and juice" (meatballs). I then tried moving his hair out of his face and he told me "your not my doctor" whatever on earth that means. 

 In case you haven't gotten the gist of life with Elliot. This was roughly 30 minutes after he woke up on January 1st. He was growling at me because he was told no and landed his little bottom in timeout. 

This child, always covered in bumps and bruises and in trouble for some scheme he's cooked up.