How To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Plans

January 18, 2022

 A happy couple is about to be joined in marriage, but that's not all! Their dog can join them on their special day!

Photo by Thống Bụi from Pexels

If your dog is a big part of your family, it's natural to wonder how they might be included in your most special of days, your wedding day!

It's never too late to bring your dog to the wedding party or to make your wedding day truly memorable if you take this list of pet-friendly wedding traditions!

Be sure to thoroughly check with a veterinarian in knoxville tn, or your local veterinarian before bringing your pet to any part of the ceremony.

Why Should You Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Plans?

If you love your dog and have a special relationship with them, it's natural that you might want to include your dog on the most important day of your life!

There are many ways to do so. The most obvious is to have them actually be part of the ceremony. Many cultures do this. In many cultures, having a dog present is seen as good luck. Check with local customs to see if this will cause any problems for you. If not, there are still some things you'll need to consider before doing so.

Ways to Include Your Dog in the Big Day

Here are some great ideas on how to incorporate your pet into your wedding day; even if it's not possible to have them at the ceremony, there are ways that your dog can be with you in spirit.

Have Them Walk You Down The Aisle

A special dog, like a Seeing Eye or Military dog, can be an excellent choice to aid you in walking down the aisle, but having someone you love and trust to help your dog walk you down the aisle is a lovely idea.

Best Man Or Woman Dog

If you're having a big wedding and would like to include your dog, ask them to be your "best man" or "woman."

Having your dog walk with you and stand with you while you say your vows is a wonderful way to make it special for you.

Dog Wedding Party Cake Topper

Another way to include your dog in wedding party photos without them having to be there is by having an adorable photo cake topper made for the big day! 

If you want to add flowers, you can embed a flower underneath their costume, so the pet looks like it's in the middle of flowering.

For this DIY dog cake topper, it might be best if your pet is groomed beforehand. Get some lovely pictures of your dog, and be sure to let your cake designer know your plans.

Have Them As One Of Your Flower Girls or Ring Bearers

Your dog can also be included by being one of your flower girls or ring bearers. 

You might want to have them wear a special outfit for the ceremony that allows them to have the rings or the flowers attached to them.