Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box || December Box

December 1, 2021

 One of my favorite things to do with essential oils is diffuser blends. Plain Jane, but it replaces the issues that candles cause me. 

Which happens to be a super runny nose and sneezing, that I caused myself last night because I was determined to light this fall candle against my better judgement. 

This month's Simply Earth theme... Diffuser Blends and Scents.

Like I said, right up my alley. 

Let's dive into what's included in this month's box. 

December Box Oils: 

Vanilla Woods (blend): holiday aroma 

Pregnancy, kids 10+, and pet safe

Bay (single): uplifts and mood

Kid safe 10+

Lemon Eucalyptus (single): calms and deodorizes 

Kid Safe 2+, Pregnancy & dog safe

Bergamot (single): refreshes and soothes

Kid safe 2+, Pregnancy and dog safe


Wooden beads

Macramé Rope 

PET containers (safe to use with essential oils and you can reuse them later) 


Christmas Grove Room Spray

Macramé Ornament

Bright Winter Day Diffuser Blend 

Tassel Diffuser 

Holiday Dinner Support Roll-On

Relax Massage Oil 

If you still have a few gifts to give out, these recipes would make wonderful small presents. Especially if you've got a teen girl in your life, the ornament and tassel would be great! 

I won't lie, I gifted myself a really cool diffuser for Christmas, my old one was on it's last leg, and I can't wait to use these diffuser blends in it. Also, use the room spray recipe as a diffuser blend! 

So why should you buy from Simply Earth and not somewhere else? 1st off, you get an amazing quality at a much more affordable price point. The box alone is valued at $110.52 and sells for only $39. That is the price compared to big expensive companies... 

You'll also receive access to the Essential Oil Hero Course where you will learn how to use essential oils confidently and with clarity. Not to mention every recipe box teaches you how to use essential oils in a different way. 

Now my favorite oil from this month's box, you probably don't have to guess because y'all know I love a blend, but it's the Vanilla Woods. It's quickly become another favorite of the winter blends from Simply Earth (that's including Winter Spice and Candy Cane). 

As always, Simply Earth donates 13% to end Human Trafficking. This month you are making a difference in the lives of women and children of Honduras through Jericho Ministries.

Be sure to head over to Simply Earth to order your JUNE box and use the code LABRIDEFREE to get a $40 giftcard/credit towards your next order when you get your Bonus Box!