Meal Planning Tuesday... because I never have my life together.

December 14, 2021

 It's the Tuesday before Christmas break. Will we make it out alive? 

Highly unlikely. 

I also decided I was making Christmas candy this year. I must have hit my head getting out of bed when I made that decision. 

Thursday | Everyone fended for themselves while I went to a play. 

Friday |   Youth Group Christmas Party

Saturday | Another Christmas Party

Sunday | Left everyone to figure their lives out yet again. (how y'all liking this week's menu lol) 

Monday | Low Carb Beef Stew 

Tuesday | leftovers

Wednesday | Sam's Chick-fil-a knock off nuggets and fries (the kids fav and my fav on single mom night) 

Lunch - Taco Salad for low carb days and Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes for Regular Carb