Meal Planning... Tuesday

November 9, 2021

 Am I organized lately... nope. 

I'm crossing my fingers that now that we've closed on our house my brain will free up space to function properly. 

Thursday | Breaking my one a week rule - eating out

Friday |   Blackened Fish with Rice and Salad (again, memory problems, I don't know what fish I bought) 

Saturday | Eat Out 

Sunday | Mongolian Beef and Sesame Noodles  (with gluten free pasta) 

Monday | Spiced Pork Butt in the Instant Pot with Coleslaw

Tuesday | leftover 

Wednesday | Sam's Chick-fil-a knock off nuggets and fries (the kids fav and my fav on single mom night) 

Lunch - Taco Salad with shredded chicken (It's day two and I'm already sick of eating it this week)