Elliot Turned 3!

November 7, 2021

Our little blonde wild toddler turned 3 last week!

He was on my case for an entire month about having a Halloween Sprinkle Cake, so I delivered (except that I let the ganache cool too much before pouring it over so it didn't drip well) 

Would y'all believe me if I told you he never ate a bite of this cake? He was really just here to have people sing to him. 

I'll post more about the cake in a later post and share what ganache recipe I used, but I might be retiring this for our official birthday cake. Having baked in three different ovens since I originally made this, I just can't get same cake texture I did the first several times. Maybe I need to make it again and work on the oven time. 


For his birthday we replaced their little Power Wheels that had died with one that was made well for driving on grass. He was a tad beside himself with the crazy. His partner in crime was down for the adventure. He cracks me up with how he interacts with our friend's daughter. They don't play at all together and then when we are leaving they are madly in love and talk about each other when we've left. 

Just last night he hugged her and said "Come here Mia! I love you!" 

After cake we headed out to the worst Halloween parade in human history. Walking there with all the kids was fun, but it started an house late, moved insanely slow, and was majority dance lines. 

I heard that there was a medical emergency, so I get that, but it was rough with small people who were sick of the police sirens and lack of candy. 

To show you just how wore out they were, and we left the parade early... this is how they rode home.