How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer

May 12, 2021

 Someone has popped the question, and the engagement is here. You are well on your way to planning out your dream wedding, on a quest to leave no stone unturned – after all, they say this is the best day of your life, which means naturally you must have the best of everything - the best cake, the best dress or suit, and of course, the best photographer.


Otherwise, how will you put up some of the best wedding photos of your big day on Instagram the moment you are back from your honeymoon? As with many wedding services, though, it can be difficult to wade through the sheer volume of options, and for those running on a strict schedule, you want to know what to be looking for right off the bat.
So, with that in mind, this piece takes a look at how you can find the right wedding photographer for you.


Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations


There is a good chance that your friends or family will have a photographer in mind when you broach the subject of searching for one for the perfect fit for your wedding. It might be that they had wonderful wedding photos and could not recommend their photographer enough, or maybe your friends might have an idea of someone who is a fantastic photographer but only does non-traditional weddings. Ask to look at their photos and their videos if you haven’t seen them already, so you can decide if that photographer’s style is for you, and then you can ask for a casual chat. If you are lucky enough to have a plethora of friends and family, you will probably get a lot of different recommendations, especially if you ask on social media; So, don’t overwhelm yourself and do not choose someone just to keep someone else happy! While your nephew means well wanting your wedding to be his first gig, maybe don’t take that risk.

Choose A Photographer That Knows the Area


You will not want a photographer that is out of their depth as much as you are on your special day. Ideally, photographers will know many of the staple wedding locations and the surrounding areas like the back of their hand, which is also great for when it comes to showing you unique and hidden spots to get that special shot! For example, if you are based in Chicago, choosing a Chicago Wedding Photographer should certainly mean they know the area very well and will have past happy couples and clients to prove it!



Get a Test Engagement Shoot


After you have had a one-to-one chat with the photographers and chosen which work and style you like the most, another good idea to confirm they are the right person for your day is to invest in an engagement shoot. This will help give you the impression of what it will be like on the day and what the photos will turn out like. If you do not like the photos, no harm done – after all, there is no limit to how many engagement photoshoots you can have!